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Geofact or artifact?


Hi people. Im all new at archeology, so i dont know that much about artifacts yet.
I found some stones that i want to identify. I have read a lot of sites about spotting the differences, but yet i cant decide whether i think the stones are prehistoric stone tools, or just geofacts.
 hope someone can help me out. I have attached the links to two videos of the rocks here

Sincerely Ernest :)

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Hi Ernie,
Those do indeed appear to be artifacts. However, one of the first lessons to learn in archaeology is to not remove artifacts from where you found them. By removing them, you destroy any possibility of studying their context and association, and therefore their value as a scientific tool for studying past human behavior is lost. In addition, removing artifacts from federal land, and often state land, too, is illegal and can get you in lots of trouble. If you are truly interested in learning archaeology, I suggest you get involved with your state archaeological society. They have classes, lectures, and field trips and projects, and are a great way to get started. Have fun!

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Thanks. West about the ripples on the spear? Can they be manmade? Maybe the ripples were made on the core before the spear was broken off. Is that possible?

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What about**

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I know its possible if he had made the ripples by striking the core, but in this case it looks more like the ripples were scraped into the core before the breakoff

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The ripples do appear to be natural and were on the outside, or cortex, of the piece the flake was struck from.


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