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Seeking Field Tech Position in the Austin TX Area.

Samuel Brigham-McLellan

2239 Cromwell Circle Apt 513

Austin, TX 78741

(503) 816-4464



I am an outgoing and hardworking individual seeking a position with a cultural resource management group that allows me to make a positive impact on the environment; preserve the historical record; and use my past experience to assist the company in its mission.



Active Listening                        Documenting Information        Service Orientation

Analyzing Data                         Monitoring Others                        Thinking Creatively

Deductive Reasoning              Problem Solving                            Time Management



Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, December 2015

Bachelor of Science in Anthropology



Ama Terra Environmental Inc., Austin TX, 2016 – Present

Contract Archaeologist I/Field Technician

  • Monitor backhoe trenches during testing
  • Perform fine screening of excavated soils
  • Carry out pedestrian surface inspection
  • Assist principal archaeologist in taking field notes
  • Ensure Section 106 compliance by executing proper archaeological methods



Portland Parks & Recreation, 2014 – 2016

GIS Intern

  • Tasked with various ArcGIS projects through the Parks Department. These involve data entry and interpretation to create visually pleasing and easily understood maps and informational assemblages; uploading and processing historical records into a digital medium that conforms to the schema of the project; and other assignments at the request of project leaders.



Maya Research Program, Belize, 2007 – 2014

Intern, 2010 – 2014

  • Engaged in archaeological intern/staff duties which included co-leading excavations, co-supervising site crews, and co-instructing volunteers; assisting with data recovery, interpretation, and curation of artifacts; mapping and photographing sites and structures; assisting with special projects involving GPS or TDS; and executing any other camp-related duties, such as transportation services or volunteer aid.

Volunteer, 2007 – 2009

  • Participated in archaeological volunteer work which included assisting with excavations, cleaning and inventorying tools, stocking camp and field supplies, and providing technological assistance for lecturers.



Archaeological Tools                            Mapping Skills                             Mac and Windows OS

Global Positioning Systems                ArcGIS                                            Electronic Mail Software

Total Data Stations                                Microsoft Office Suite               Adobe Photoshop




Drew Sitters, Project Archaeologist, Ama Terra, (512) 329-0031

Greg Mastropietro, Field Tech, SWCA, (505) 205-9083

Dr. Thomas Guderjan, President/Project Director, Maya Research Program, (903) 566-7418

Joshua Darling, GIS Analyst, Portland Parks & Recreation, (503) 823-2783


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