Topic ID #37258 - posted 7/31/2016 9:52 AM

Will a Hidden Treasure Chamber Discovered Under Machu Picchu Finally Be Revealed?



I recently visited Machu Picchu for an amazing luxury weekend and found new construction and red-taped no public access areas were increasing on a daily basis. I also watched several excavations in progress in the main temple area. Machu Picchu was beginning a massive five-year remodel that will forever change the experience for tourists.

I have always been intrigued by buried treasure and secret hidden chambers at temples all over the world, so when a well-known French archaeologist and explorer announced that he and a team of researchers discovered a secret door and possible lost secret treasure, I was excited to speak to them and get the background of the discovery. They say it could be the most important archaeological find ever unearthed within the walls of Peru’s famed Machu Picchu citadel. The Cusco branch of the ministry of culture however has blocked the archaeologist, Thierry Jamin, and the Instituto Inkari NGO from excavating in the ruins.


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