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Competitive wages


I saw in a Time magazine piece that Clinton wants to raise minimum wage to $12/h, while Sanders would raise it to $15/h. Wait, what??? I thought this was competitive wage for someone with some graduate school and 10 years of experience...

Do you believe that minimum wage would see a raise when elections are over? Do you think that that raise would have any impact on what we get paid?

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If a Democrat wins the White House, I would expect a push to raise the minimum wage for normal people. But since 12-15/hr is pretty much the base wage for field hands already, I do not see it having any effect whatsoever on our wages. We would just end up getting the same, but now it would be minimum wage.

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I do imagine our wages would ultimately increase but it would take some time. If minimum wage was $12-15 an hour, you'd wind up with a labor shortage in CRM because nobody's going to bother getting a degree to make minimum wage. Only solution to that is to make wages competitive again.

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Nope. I think it will eliminate jobs. By increasing the cost of wages, you increase the operating cost of a business or agency. There is no commensurate increase in the sales revenue or appropriation, so that difference has to come out of something existing. If wages go up and the whole entity's budget has to stay the same, it likely comes out of a cutting out an empty position or cutting back on OE&E.

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Minimum appropriate wage for graduate degree with ten years experience is around $22/hour. In all honesty, it should be closer to $28/hour.


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