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Archaeological Monitors (M.A. or Ph.D Required) Oklahoma, Arkansas, & Tennessee - 2nd Announcement

Open Range Archaeology

Open Range Archaeology (ORA) is seeking to hire qualified project archaeologists for ongoing fieldwork underway in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Tennessee. Duties includes: survey, monitoring, archaeological site recording, and artifact analysis. This is a unique opportunity to be a part of an excellent team of archaeologists.

For details or more information on requirement, duties, and compensation, please submit a current CV or resume, with at least three (3) professional references. 


Successful candidates should have the following qualifications and experience

 Minimum of a Master’s degree (MA/MS) in Anthropology, Archaeology, or closely related field is required.

• Current valid US driver's license and the skill to safely operate “off-road” vehicles

• Experience conducting archaeological fieldwork, surveys, and excavation. Collecting observational field data, photographs, artifact identification, GPS data collection, and site mapping.

• Be able to work in a collaborative team setting: Demonstrate initiative, resolve problems, and identify improved measures for project quality, schedule, and logistical objectives. Show a willingness to learn, work hard, develop leadership skills, and to work well with others as part of a team.

• Demonstrated abilities to use industry standard word processing, spreadsheet, and GIS software, as well as the ability to operate digital cameras and GPS devices.

• Ability to travel as needed throughout Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Tennessee to remote locations, in order to conduct fieldwork and monitoring duties, often in rugged terrain for long hours and sometimes under inclement weather conditions.

• Ability to carry equipment, supplies (less than 50lbs), and follow all ORA Company project safety requirements and procedures. 


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