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Summer Archaeology Field Schools 2017 with Academic Credit - Caherconnell, Ireland

Caherconnell Archaeology Fieldschool

Caherconnell Archaeological Field School, Carron, County Clare, Ireland.

Excavation Season 2017- May 29th through August 4th (consisting of 2, 4 and 6 week sessions)

Caherconnell Archaeological Field School was set up with a vision for providing unforgettable archaeological experience in the unique Burren region. In partnership with the National University of Ireland in Galway we aim to provide the very best education as well as a cultural element which sees students interact with the people of the area daily.

We organise accommodation, meals, daily transport, weekend learning, on-site lectures and daily tuition. 

Amazing as this site is, it is far from the only archaeology of interest at Caherconnell.  Three other stone cahers or ringforts (at least one of which is earlier in date), a probable Late Bronze Age burial mound, two Bronze Age boulder burials, house sites of as yet unknown date, an ancient field system, and a prehistoric house are all part of the archaeological landscape found at Caherconnell.

All of our courses are accredited by the National University of Ireland, Galway but are also open to anyone with an interest  in archaeology or students who do not to wish to enroll for academic credit.
 A list of universities whose students have already received Academic Credit from NUIG can be found here. For detailed dig reports 2007-2016 please click on the link below: 

Fees include the following: Tuition, Accommodation, Transport to and from the dig site daily and breakfast, lunch, dinner and breaks daily. 

Course Schedule 2017 

6 Week Combined Course: SS109/SS110/SS112 – (18 ECTS or 9US Credit Hours) 6 Weeks

May 29th-July 7th 2017

June 12th-July 21st 2017

June 26th-August 4th 2017

4 Week Combined Course: SS109/SS110- (12 ECTS or 6US Credit Hours) 4 Weeks

May 29th-June 23rd 2017

July 10th-Aug 4th 2017

Introduction to Archaeological Survey: SS112-(6ECTS or 3US Credit Hours)  2 Weeks

June 26th-July 7th 2017

Introduction to Archaeological Excavation: SS109-(6ECTS or 3US Credit Hours)  2 Weeks

May 29th-June 9th 2017

July 10th-July 21st 2017

July 24th-Aug 4th 2017

Intermediate Archaeological Excavation: SS110-(6ECTS or 3US Credit Hours) 2 Weeks

June 12th-June 23rd 2017

July 24th-Aug 4th 2017

More information on dates, fees and courses for 2017 can be found on our website: or visit us on Facebook:

To contact us please email or telephone 00353-6570-89999


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Caherconnell Archaeology Fieldschool

Watch a short video clip of the 2016 excavations here -   


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