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MD/DC/VA/PA Experienced MA in Archaeology seeking CRM or other fieldwork


Dustin Alec Thomas 

326 S. Chester St., Baltimore, MD 21231

(757) 270-6760



Presenting archaeological methods, research, and interpretations to a broader, non-academic audience, highlighting the relevance of the discipline to the general public;

Developing a career in academic archaeology focused on comprehensively studying ancient Roman society & culture, its origins, and its impacts on Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages;

Understanding mortuary practices of past societies and studying burial contexts;

Participating in the interaction between museum institutions and archaeological research and excavation.



Master of Arts (2015)


Boston University

Thesis: Contextualizing the Mausoleum in the Parco dei Ravennati at Ostia Antica, Italy


            Graduate Certificate (2015)

                        Museum Studies

Boston University


Bachelor of Arts (2012)

Archaeology and Culture of the Ancient Near East

Lycoming College



Archaeological Ethics and Law

Ceramic Analysis

Scientific Applications in Archaeology

Geographic Information Systems

Archaeology of Complex Societies

Archaeology of the Holy Land

Contemporary Archaeological Theory

Ancient History (Herodotus, Thucydides, Livy, Polybius, Plutarch & Tacitus)

        Roots of Early Christianity (Graeco-Roman Culture and Philosophy)

            Archaeology Theory and Methods

         Biblical Archaeology

         History and Culture of the Ancient Near East

         Old Testament Faith and History

         Origins of Europe (Late Antique & Early Medieval History)


Ongoing          Creator & Author

                        The Starving Archaeologist Blog

                        Produce original written and photographic content documenting topics relevant to                             the research, work, experiences, and travels of an archaeologist in a vernacular                                       appropriate for a non-academic audience.


Summer 2016 Trench Supervisor

                        Sainte-Candie, Frejus, France

                        Principle Investigator: Jean-Antoine Segura

                        Oversee the execution of standard archaeological field techniques,including stratigraphic excavation, documentation, and artifact processing and cataloguing.


Summer 2016 Trench Supervisor

                        Aeclanum, Passo di Mirabella, Italy

                        Principle Investigator: Girolamo Fedinando de Simone

                        Oversee the execution and instruction of standard archaeological field techniques,                       including stratigraphic excavation, documentation, and artifact processing and cataloguing.


Summer 2015 Assistant Trench Supervisor

Masseria dei Carolis, Pollena Trocchia, Italy

                        Principle Investigator: Girolamo Ferdinando de Simone

Topographic survey; Stratigraphic excavation & documentation (incl. sketching); Artifact processing and cataloguing; Classroom training in Osteology.


Spring 2015    Museum Intern

Harvard Semitic Museum, Cambridge, MA

Supervisors: Dr. Joseph Greene and Dr. Adam Aja

Organized and process ASOR Punic Project archival materials;

Facilitated completion of miscellaneous Museum Collection tasks;

Cultivated support and interest for museum through social media.


Summer 2014 Field Archaeologist

Parco dei Ravennati, Ostia Antica, Rome, Italy

                        Principle Investigators: Michele Raddi, Darius Arya, & Alberto Prieto (AIRC)

Topographic survey; Stratigraphic excavation (incl. human remains) & documentation; Artifact processing & cataloguing.


Fall 2014         Grader

Boston University History Department, Boston, MA

Course Instructor: Prof. Eugenio Menegon

                        Collaborated with Instructor grading criteria and class performance;

Guided students in adequate completion of assignments;

                        Assessed individual student performance for each completed assignment

Summer 2013 Volunteer

City of Boston Archaeology Program, Boston, MA

City Archaeologist: Dr. Joe Bagley

Assisted with artifact cataloguing and conservation, field surveys, and excavation.


Spring 2012    Research Assistant

                        Lycoming College Brock Site, Williamsport, PA     

Project Organizer: Robin Van Auken

Reconstructed the College’s past activities at the Brock site through alumni networking, artifact identification, and cataloging, notes and site research.


Summer 2011 Student Excavator

The Gabii Project, Rome, Italy

Principal Investigator: Nicola Terrenato (University of Michigan).           

Site survey and excavation; Stratigraphic documentation; Artifact processing and cataloguing; Flotation sample analysis.


Summer 2010 Student Excavator

Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest, Lynchburg, Virginia

Principal Investigator: Jack Gary.

Site survey and excavation; Stratigraphic documentation; Artifact identification and cataloguing; Flotation sample analysis; Interacting with site visitors.



            Lycoming College Dean’s List

            Member, Phi Kappa Phi Academic Honor Society

            Member, Theta Alpha Kappa Religion Honor Society

            Member, Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society               



Modern German

Proficient in translation, reading, writing and speaking


Latin Poetry & Prose

Intermediate collegiate level translation, reading and writing


Ancient Greek

Beginner’s collegiate level translation, reading and writing



ArcGIS 10.1

FileMaker Pro





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