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Introductory Archaeological Geophysics - Adelaide, Australia


September 18-29 2017.  Flinders University


ARCH8808 is aimed at graduates from an archaeology or earth sciences background who wish to gain experience in archaeological geophysics, although it does not presume any prior existing knowledge.  The topic will provide students with an understanding of the scientific principles behind a range of techniques used in archaeological prospection and the basic field operation of such techniques, as well as data processing, data interpretation and geophysical reporting.

Techniques covered will include:

  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR)
  • Electromagnetic induction (EMI)
  • Direct current resistivity
  • Magnetometer
  • Gradiometer
  • Magnetic susceptibility
  • A range of marine geophysics techniques, including side scan sonar, sub-bottom profiling and swath bathymetry.

Hands-on experience for students will include GPR, magnetometer and EMI.  The topic will be delivered through a series of lectures, demonstrations, practical hands-on sessions and computer-based labs.


Flinders University, in Adelaide, South Australia.

Transport for filed components will be provided by the university



For overseas and interstate students

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Dr Ian Moffat

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