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Bulgaria: Ilindentsi Field School 2017 - Academic Credit through UCLA


Project Overview

The prehistoric settlement Ilindentsi is one of the very early Neolithic settlements in Europe (6000 – 5400 BCE). It is located on a high terrace just at the foot of the Pirin Mountains – the third-highest range on the Balkans. The site (with vertical and horizontal stratigraphy) occupies almost three hectares, where the prehistoric cultural layers lie immediately under the topsoil (10 to 20 cm). During the previous seasons (2004-2009 and 2011-2016) archaeologists unearthed remains of Early and Middle Neolithic settlement structures and features. Although the possibility for acculturation of indigenous population cannot be completely disregarded at this stage, archaeologists assume that the Neolithic settlement at Ilindentsi was established by people of Anatolian origin (culture Hacilar VI-I). These migration patterns trace the routes of European Neolithisation and indicate multiple origins. Early farmers likely entered Europe due to complex and varied reasons: increased population, limited environmental resources, climate change etc. The research at Ilindentsi aims to address these questions. Our goal is not only to explore migration routes and reasons for European Neolithisation but also the type and history of interactions between different Neolithic groups and farming communities in the Balkans, their technology, economic and social organization. More site-specific questions concern the continuity/discontinuity of habitation, borders of the settlement through time and the function and the range of fortifications. In 2017, field school students will take part in further excavation of Neolithic buildings, learn more about the archaeology of the Neolithic period in Europe and the Near East, Neolithic ceramic studies and documentation of Neolithic pottery, archaeological field techniques and methods for excavation and documentation, processing of finds and samples and take part in excursions to significant heritage sites in Bulgaria and Greece.

Program Director: Dr. Malgorzata Grebska-Kulova, Mr. Petar Zidarov 
Course Dates: June 10-July 8, 2017
Application Deadline: June 8, 2017
Tuition: $4,650
Credit: 12 UCLA credit units 

Accommodations: Students will stay at the Blagovesta Guest house near Ilindentsi. The guest house has comfortable rooms with 2 to 3 beds, bathrooms with a WC, shower, air-conditioning, and TV. Laundry service and free Wi-Fi is provided. Students are not expected to bring any additional equipment, sleeping bags or towels. MEALS: Three meals (Balkan cuisine) per day are provided. Meals usually take place in the guest-house garden. Brown-bag-lunches will be provided during excursions and days-off. This field school can accommodate vegetarians, vegans and individuals with lactose-intolerance diets. Kosher and gluten-free diets are impossible to accommodate in this location.

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