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2017 LdM-CAMNES Archaeology Field School in Tuscania, Italy


Excavating an Etruscan Necropolis (City of the Dead) of the III-II cent. BCE
Session Dates: July 6-August 4, 2017
Application Deadline: May 15

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Lorenzo de' Medici and CAMNES run a four-week (6 credits) intensive Archaeology Field School under the direction of a team of professional archaeologists.

Students play an active role in the excavation of the Etruscan necropolis (city of the dead) near Tuscania. Through field trips and by examining the abundance of materials found in this region, students learn about the lives of the ancient Etruscans from archaeological evidence and literary sources.

LdM started to investigate two newly discovered "cities of the dead", Pian delle Rusciare and Podere Pratino in 2005, with the recent support of CAMNES. Both necropolises are from the 3rd-2nd century BC and have ipogeum tombs.

In the first part of the course, participants take classes that introduce them to the civilization of the ancient Etruscans as well as to basic archaeological theory and practice. Students also visit a number of local Etruscan sites and have field trips to some world famous Etruscan sites, such as Tarquinia, Cerveteri, Tuscania, and the Archaeology Museum of Villa Giulia in Rome. During the final three weeks of the course students participate in the excavation of important Etruscan burial sites.

Thursday, July 6 - Friday, August 4

Podere Pratino, Tuscania (VT) LdM Tuscania, Italy.

See separate price list on or contact LdM Academic Relations + Student Services at 512-328-4636 or
Prerequisites and Requirements:
• An up-to-date tetanus inoculation
• International Medical/travel insurance
• It is of paramount importance that every participant communicates to the enrollment offices any allergies, food intolerance or any kind of medical issues upon enrollment.
• No prerequisites and no experience of archaeology or knowledge of Italian are needed. The principal qualifications include a strong academic record, a desire to learn more about archaeology and the Etruscan civilization, and an enthusiasm to dig.
• Participants must bear in mind that the archaeological field school of Tuscania is a full-time workshop within a professional archaeological research project that includes a five day per week involvement including lessons, archaeological field activities and visits. Participants have Saturdays and Sundays off.
• The schedule includes a lot of fieldwork and walking during field trips. While at the archaeological site, fieldwork requires digging, stooping, bending and exposure to sun, wind and/or rain. This field school is not recommended to participants with allergies to sun and/or dust.

Tuition and Application
Prospective applicants must contact LdM at 512-328-4636 or for further details about the program and how to apply.

A maximum of 20 participants are accepted, with preference given to early applicants.

The tuition fee includes:
• A minimum of 148 contact hours/6 credits (no additional registration fees required)
• Transfer from Rome International Airport ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ to Tuscania and return transfer
• Accommodation in a typical and suggestive B&B, double room with private bathroom
• Weekday breakfast at the B&B or at a Café
• Weekday lunch at the excavation
• Travel connected with course related activities
• Scheduled museum entries
• Social and cultural events organized by the institute

The tuition fee does NOT include:
• Meals other than scheduled (i.e. dinner, week-end meals, etc)
• Beverages (to be paid on site)
• Required personal materials (to be brought from home)

Further details and suggestions about expenses will be given during enrollment and first classes.


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