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Denmark: Hagerup Field School 2017 - Academic Credit through UCLA


Project Overview

This project involves the systematic, research-driven excavation and bioarchaeological investigation of human skeletal remains from the cemetery of Hågerup, which spans the period from the 12th through to the 16th centuries CE in Denmark. The project will take place over the course of the next 5–8 years, and involves collaboration between ADBOU (the University of Southern Denmark),Øhavsmuseet in Fåborg and the University of Toronto. As a research-driven project, it provides researchers (and students) with the unprecedented opportunity to collect valuable information from an untouched medieval cemetery. Collaboration between ADBOU and Øhavsmuseet in Fåborg will allow a contextual, landscape approach to be incorporated into the bioarchaeological investigation of the cemetery.

Program Director: Dr. Julia Gamble, Prof. Jesper Boldsen, Prof. George Milner, Ms. Dorthe Pedersen 
Course Dates: May 14-June 17, 2017
Application Deadline: May 12, 2017
Tuition: $4,300
Credit: 12 UCLA credit units

Accommodations: Accommodation for the duration of this field school will be at the Dalum Agricultural College which is a student residence through the year. Students will be lodged in dorm rooms which are basic but clean and furnished with a bed, desk, wardrobe, and sink. There is one bed per room. There are shared toilets down the hall, as well as shared showers in a separate room.  Wifi will be available at the college. All meals will be communal with breakfast and dinner served at the college. Each student will be responsible for packing a lunch from food served during dinner or breakfast. Breakfast generally consists of a range of breads, cheese, cold-cut meat, cereals, fruit, and cold vegetables / salad. Dinner usually includes salad and/or vegetables, and a meat or hot dish. Meals are generally well balanced and substantial and will include a range of traditional Danish foods to accommodate the students at the agricultural college who are often from farming backgrounds. You will see the primary meats being pork, fish, and some chicken. Vegetarian diets are easily accommodated with vegetables / salad, cheese, eggs, and bread being readily available at most meals. There is no guarantee that vegan diets will be accommodated through the Dalum kitchen, but in such circumstances particularly the protein component can be supplemented through the local grocery store located very close to the college. No other dietary condition can be accommodated in this project unless first cleared by the field school director – Dr. Julia Gamble

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