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US-NC: Moonshine Archaeology Field School 2017 - Academic Credit though UCLA


Project Overview

Since the passing of the Revenue Act of 1862 the vast majority of local whiskey production has been unregulated, illegal, and any many regards – illicit. The production and distribution of this illegal liquor takes place in tight-knit communities where knowledge is usually passed down within a family. The economic impact of this craft production is difficult to measure. To better understand this intimate economy the Moonshine Archaeology Project is attempting to quantify whiskey production in western North Carolina through the presence of material remains.

Program Director: Dr. Kirk D. French  
Course Dates: June 18-July 22, 2017
Application Deadline: June 16, 2017
Tuition: $4,580
Credit: 12 UCLA credit-units


The students will be staying in their own tents. The camping area is a well-maintained space in the yard surrounding the central cabin and lab. There will be two toilets (the current outhouse and an additional portable toilet). One spring-fed outdoor shower will be constructed roughly 50 meters from the main cabin. Hot water is unavailable. The spring water is sufficient for bathing, but not consumption, so additional drinking water will be provided. The students will alternate with camp duties, such as taking out trash and keeping the area tidy.

A camp cook/manager will be hired to purchase and prepare food for the students and staff. Breakfast will consist of items such as scrambled eggs, tortillas, toast, cold cereal, and fruit. Sandwich lunches for the field will be made by the students that morning. Dinners will be the big meal of the day and prepared by the camp cook. Special dietary needs will be accommodated. Breakfast and dinner will be served
on a long table beneath a rustic carport that is attached to the central cabin.

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