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2017 Summer Internships in Cultural Resource Management - PennDOT

Jennifer Palmer

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Announces
2017 Summer Internships in Cultural Resource Management

PennDOT’s Cultural Resource Management Program anticipates offering internships in cultural resource management and historic preservation
at the Central Office in Harrisburg Pa. and in Indiana, Pa. at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Interns will be directly involved in important
research on the management, study and stewardship of archaeological sites and historic resources affected by transportation projects. They’ll also
be exposed to the full range of job skills and employment opportunities in Cultural Resource Management through formal seminars and rotations
in GIS, curation, archaeological field work, project assessment, consulting, environmental review, and National Register evaluation.
Our internships, part of the Department’s Engineering, Scientific and Technical Internship Program (ESTI), paid $12.29/hour in 2016 and
undergraduate or graduate credit may be available through your university department. Preference will be given to applicants with previous
exposure to GIS, database management, and archaeological, historical, or historic preservation course work and field experience in the Middle
Atlantic region. Excellent communication skills are important. Please submit your application no later than January 27th, 2017. Interviews
typically are scheduled in February and March.


Students must be registered fulltime (carrying 12 or more undergraduate credits or 9 or more graduate credits) for the fall semester 2017, and
in good academic standing to be considered for internship positions for summer 2017.
The following majors will be considered for Cultural Resource Management internships:
Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Resource Management,Historic Preservation, Preservation Planning, History, Architectural
History, Geography/GIS, Geology, American Studies, Communications Media
Students must also have completed their 1st year in a 2-year Associate Degree Program or their 1st year in a 4-year Bachelor Degree Program. 

For more information, view the full listing here.


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