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Intensive Summer Course in Paleolithic Methods and Iberian Prehistory 2017, Spain

Paleolithic Spain

July 1st - July 31st 2017
August 1st - August 31st 2017*

Lucena, Córdoba (Cueva del Ángel) and Bedmar, Jaén (Cueva de Bedmar)**, south of Spain.
One session: 1750 €
Two sessions: 3000 €

* Confirmation pending
** Confirmation pending

Prices Include: insurance, accommodation, 3 meals/day (7 days/week), pick-up and drop-off from nearby transportation hubs, practicum, conferences and lectures.

Certificate of completion of 200 h/session is provided.

This Intensive Program consists of modules to train participants in Paleolithic methods and introduce the archaeological and historical context of the Iberian Peninsula. 

Acheulean, Mousterian, Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods are represented in the sites.
The course consists of the following components:

·         Practicum divided in three parts:

                          1) Archaeological excavation and applied methodology
                          2) Sediment processing
                          3) Curation of archaeological material

·         Conference on Quaternary Studies on cutting edge methodologies and discoveries given by prestigious doctors and researchers specialized in Quaternary

·         Cultural tours visiting archaeological and historical sites around Andalusia

·        The course is organized by the Foundation for Research in Prehistory and Human Evolution (in Spanish: Fundación Instituto de Investigación de Prehistoria y Evolución Humana) or FIPEH.

To apply: Application form (rolling application deadline)

For more information:


Cecilio Barroso Ruiz, PhD, Director at Cueva del Ángel and FIPEH Founder
Marco Antonio
 Bernal, Director at Cueva de Bedmar
Jorge Martín, Coordinator
Anna Schwartz, Coordinator


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