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Berry Site Field School at Fort San Juan: Summer 2017 in North Carolina


The Burning of Fort San Juan
Archaeology Field School
at the Berry Site
June 5- June 30, 2017
Morganton, NC

Excavation of Fort San Juan, 1567-1568, the First European Settlement in the Interior of the United States

Help to discover evidence of Fort San Juan, one of the most important 16th-century colonial forts in the southeast.  Students will gain hands-on experience in archaeological field techniques including excavation, wet and dry screening, record keeping, and mapping.  Fort San Juan was built at the Native American town of Joara in January 1567 and destroyed 18 months later in May 1568.  Over the past 15 years, archaeologists at the Berry site have discovered 5 burned Spanish buildings, a Native American mound, and the moat around Fort San Juan, all evidence of Joara and Fort San Juan.  In the past couple summers we have found evidence of 2 more buildings, one inside and one outside of Fort San Juan.  We are trying to learn what these buildings were used for, who built them, and whether or not they were occupied at the same time as the fort.

What was life like for these Spanish soldiers living among Native Americans? What happened to the Spanish soldiers who lived there?  This summer we hope to discover more clues to answer these and other questions as we investigate the Spanish fort and the Native American mound at Joara.

Are you a college student who needs to complete a field school for your academic major... or retired and always dreamed of working on an archaeological site?  A high school student fascinated with the past?  Have a full-time job but want to spend a special week in the summer to explore your secret passion?  The Warren Wilson College Summer Archaeology Field School may be just the right experience for you!

The Warren Wilson summer field school is designed to accommodate full or part-time college students as well as members of the public from across the country with our variable, weekly registration.  Please see registration information below and register online at  The project is led by Dr. David Moore (Warren Wilson College), Dr. Robin Beck (University of Michigan), and Dr. Christopher Rodning (Tulane University).

June 5-June 30, Morganton, NC
Register for 1-4 weeks, for college credit or as a volunteer.
$340 per week as a volunteer/non-credit participant.
$719 per week (1 credit per week) for college credit.
For more details and to register online visit
No Experience Necessary.


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