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Archaeology Field School - Smiths Island, Bermuda, July 9-August 5, 2017

Jennifer Palmer

Archaeology Field School
Smiths Island, Bermuda
July 9-August 5, 2017

Now entering its sixth season, the Smiths Island Archaeology Field School has trained dozens of students in excavation and research methods and prepared them for graduate study. Besides investigating a variety of 17th and 18th-century sites ranging from a 400-year old early settlers’ house to a quarantine hospital, students learn about the early Modern Atlantic World from an island at its center. Students are involved in all aspects of fieldwork, including excavation methods, artifact identification, documentary research, mapping, photography, and 3D digital modeling. Through readings, exploration, tours of local sites and even an experimental archeology practicum, students will learn about Bermuda’s extensive history, ethnogenesis, and the process of Americanization. During the 2016 season, we will extend excavations near Oven Site (c. 1615) to find the main manor house, continue digging a military and civilian quarantine site, and survey Cotton Hole Bight to find new sites.

Prior archaeological experience or knowledge of early American history is not required! An ideal historical and archaeological research site, Bermuda has a rich history and tremendous natural beauty. Settlement began with a shipwreck in 1609 and the island has some of the oldest sites in English America - nearly as old as Jamestown and predating Plymouth and Boston. Tobacco and seafaring sustained Bermuda for 200 years, but after the American Revolution it became a British military stronghold and an important Royal Navy base. Its central Atlantic location made it an important US base during World War II and the Cold War. Today, tourism, banking, and global business are Bermuda’s mainstay.

Our field school is based in St. George’s, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which boasts more than sixty
18th-century houses and forts for students to study – and is still an active sailing port which will play
host to the AMERICAS WORLD CUP in June 2017.


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