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Experienced Field and Laboratory Technician, B.A. in Archaeology, Willing to Travel

Nicolas Bowers

Nicolas M. Bowers

215 Woodridge Lane

Cameron, NC 28326

Contact number: 910-489-9085

E-mail address:




·         University of North Carolina-Greensboro, Recent graduate December 17, 2016, majoring in archeology

·         Archaeology Field School, Lincoln England

·         Archaeology Field School, Kea Greece




Personal Skills:

·         Physically fit and able to work in jobs requiring stamina

·         Extremely proficient in using MS Office software

·         Educated in methods of Archaeology, determining age and location, and significance of artifacts to cultures 

·         Proficient in using ARC GIS



·         Archaeology Laboratory, University of North Carolina Greensboro     2015, 2016, various times

I.                     Weekly Volunteer in the Archaeology Program’s Laboratory (prehistoric-historic eras), Current work in sorting through artifacts from a field school offered through UNCG

II.                    Identified cultural relevance to Native American artifacts Identified areas significant to cultural resources. Has extensive knowledge in classification, dating and sampling of Artifacts and sites and the people who lived on the land the site was located on

III.                 Recorded data in an easily understood manner

IV.                Managed other volunteers to see that laboratory standards were met


·         Lincoln International Archaeological Field School, School of Humanities Bishop Groseteste University ,  Lincoln, England                                                June 18 to July 29, 2016

Worked on an early medieval through to post-medieval/Roman excavation in Lincoln. Learned about excavation techniques along with archaeological photography, leveling, feature interpretation, and artifact recording. Worked alongside experienced archaeologists and students.

I.                     Assisted in determining the significance of the site and its importance to the history of the city of Lincoln

II.                   Effectively communicated with site managers and team

III.                 Gave a report of the Site and the experience had with techniques used and knowledge gained

IV.                Identified areas of possible cultural resource strain and identified solutions to reduce aforementioned strain

V.                  Recorded recently found artifact data in proper forms

VI.                Acted as the liaison between the archeological site and the City of Lincoln

·         Kea Archeological Research Survey (KARS), Greece, University of North Carolina at Greensboro June 8 to July 17, 2015

Worked in the areas of cleaning and cataloguing ancient Grecian pottery and lithics, and updated and removed errors in the project database. Learned and applied meticulous attention to detail in correctly cataloguing over 7000 bulk archeological finds.

I.                     Was put in charge of managing a massive amount of finds and keeping them in their proper categories in accordance to the local state of procedures and uploaded them to an international database.

II.                   Communicated efficiently with site manager in what needed to be done in as few words as possible

III.                 Extremely effective in analyzing artifacts and determining relative significance to the cultures in Greece

IV.                Worked with local authorities to ensure preservation of artifacts and proper following of procedures

V.                  Assisted in recording site finds into an ArcGIS database

·         Alston House State Historic Site, Sanford, North Carolina                                                             2015

Volunteer at a local Revolutionary War historical site

I.                     Tested in field sampling

II.                   Surveyed the site to properly record and to file a report.


Other Interests

Fencing, reading historical books, visiting historic and archaeological sites, camping, hiking, and traveling

Other work

·         Life guard, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, January 2015-December 2016.

·         Life guard, Lee Christian school summer camp. Sanford North Carolina, July-August 2015, July-August 2016

·         Sawmill, during early summers in High School, worked at a running sawmill which provided lumber to local shops. Sanford, NC



·         Kea Archeological Research Survey (KARS), Kea, Greece

University of North Carolina-Greensboro

Department of Classical Studies

Dr. Joanne Murphy, Field School Director



·         Archaeology Laboratory,

University of North Carolina Greensboro

Dr. Linda Stine, Lab Director



·         Life Guard, Lee Christian Summer Camp

MRS. Ann McEvoy, school secretary

Telephone: 919-478-6192


·         Sawmill, Sanford, NC

Kristy Tostado, owner



·         Lincoln International Archaeological Field School, School of Humanities Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln, England

Dr. Duncan Wright, Field School Director




Functional/Technical Competency

Decision Quality

Intellectual Horsepower

Learning on the fly


Problem Solving

Written Communications

Integrity and Trust




Fine Arts

History and Archeology




Active Learning

Critical Thinking



Complex Problem Solving

Judgment and Decision Making

Time Management


Deductive Reasoning

Inductive Reasoning

Oral Expression


Problem Sensitivity

Written Expression

Static Stretch

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