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Iberian Necropolis & town of Coimbra del Barranco Ancho – Jumilla – Murcia -Spain


This course is aimed at students and people interested in archaeology who wish to participate with us in this archaeological course at the site of Coimbra, located 2 km South of Jumilla in Murcia (Spain), will be able to study first-hand the classic Iberian town and necropolis in the Iberic period.

The Town of Coimbra, together with the habitat around the Cerro del Castillo (Jumilla), constitutes the two major population centers of the highlands Jumilla-Yecla. The Village is situated on the first third of the escarpment north and southeast of Cerro del Maestre, between 700 and 825 m. above sea level in a strategic location overlooking the natural pathways that connect the Altiplano to the Valle del Segura and the continuation of this road to La Mancha, through the Cerro de los Santos.

The village necropolis is located in the same plain as the Town, in its Eastern segment, about 630 meters above sea level. It is about 130 meters long and about 35 wide in a North-South direction.
After the first campaigns by Jerónimo Molina between 1956 and 1960, the archaeological activities in the Necropolis of Poblado was resumed by Ana María Muñoz Amilibia steadily from 1980 until 1986. Systematic excavations were resumed and continued from 1998 until today.

The Archeology course we offer is a comprehensive training course in fundamental aspects such as stratigraphy, GIS, photogrammetry, CAD, topography, field drawing, inventory of materials, etc.

The working system will be divided between mornings and afternoons, in order that students go through each and every phase of the archaeological excavation and are able to acquire the basic knowledge and methodology necessary to undertake any archaeological intervention.

General Information
Mode of activity: Archaeological School.
Dates: 20th August to 3rd September 2017
ECTS: 5 credits (equivalent to 125 hours)
Number of students: 25
Public prices: 350€ (transport to the site, accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

Information and registration:
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Contact email:
Information Phone: +34 868883890 -  +34 666125197
Website: Cepoat School of Archaeology


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