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Archaeological Technician I-Tribal Handler - WA

Jennifer Palmer

This position involves assisting in Cultural Resource management projects conducted under the direction of the Swinomish Tribal Historic Preservation Office.  The successful applicants will work as part of a crew to conduct filed work under the management of a crew supervisor.  Typical job duties involve archaeological survey, hand excavation, and cultural resources monitoring.  Job specific training will be provided. 
This job involves off-trail walking in dense forests and steep slopes and working in all weather conditions.   Excavation and survey involve careful, meticulous digging and screening to identify artifacts according to standard archaeological techniques.  The job requires the completion of field forms and paperwork to record information collected during the fieldwork projects.  Successful applicants should be a reliable worker, have a good attitude, and an interest in culture and history. 
This position has the opportunity for promotion into an Archaeological Technician II-Tribal Handler position based on the employees gained experience, demonstrated fieldwork skills, leadership ability, and the production of excellent paperwork.  
Assistance with archaeological field work. 
Archaeological survey, testing, and excavation projects.
Excavation units, hand digging and screening. 
Handling of artifacts and cultural materials.  
Cultural monitoring: the observation of construction activities in order to protect cultural resources.
Completion of field forms and paperwork. 
Written and verbal communication and positive teamwork.
Adherence to safety rules and PPE requirement when on a construction site. 

Must be able to walk up to 8 miles per day and lift 50 pounds. 
Must have a good attitude, willingness to learn, be a hard worker, and help ensure project success. 
This position will involve working with sensitive cultural objects and sites and confidentiality of such information is required.   
Previous experience with cultural resource management projects is preferred. 
Knowledge of Swinomish history, culture, community, oral histories, and the reservation landscape are a plus.  
Experience with computers and the Microsoft Office suite is preferred. 
Interpersonal skills to interact with a variety of professionals such as scientists, biologists, anthropologists, agency officials, engineers, and construction workers.
Written and verbal communication skills.
Must be able to pass drug screening.

This is a temporary, on-call position–it is associated with a specific local project but may lead to other intermittent, project-related work in the future. 
Work will only be available when periodic cultural resource management projects take place.  
Work is primarily in the field.
Work may be in an active construction site. 
Work will require bending, lifting and carrying up to 50 pounds and walking over rough and sometimes steep and overgrown terrain. 
Work performed in an environment which involves everyday risks or discomforts and adverse weather conditions.

This job description is intended to indicate the kinds of tasks which will be required of this position and shall not be construed as declaring what the specific duties and responsibilities of the position will be. It is not intended to limit or modify the right of the Supervisor to assign, direct and control the work of this position, nor to exclude other similar duties not mentioned.
Preference in hiring for this position shall be extended first to SITC tribal members; to spouses, parents and children of SITC tribal members; to members of other federal recognized tribes then to all others


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