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Jamestown Archaeology Field School


Field School dates: May 30, 2017-July 7, 2017
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Jamestown’s Field School provides a unique opportunity for students to make a contribution to the research and interpretation of early 17th-century English-America. The Field School, jointly offered by the Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation and the University of Virginia, introduces participants to the methods and theories of American historical archaeology through hands-on fieldwork. Students will be helping to expand our understanding of the site of James Fort (1607-1624) as well as the events of 1619, which include the first representative assembly meeting and the arrival of the first Africans. Over the course of the Field School, students will learn excavation and recording procedures as well as how to identify and interpret 17th-century European and Native American artifacts. The Field School will include field trips and weekly seminars exploring recent contributions of historical archaeology to colonial history, new methods in field recording and interpretation, and a survey of the recent literature in the discipline. Both novice and experienced students will learn practical archaeological skills and the course is also an excellent educational opportunity for teachers seeking recertification in the social studies content area.

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