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2017 University of Oregon Field School - Connley Caves


Summer 2017 Field School: Northern Great Basin Prehistory Project – University of Oregon

The University of Oregon’s Northern Great Basin Prehistory Project is conducting a field school for the 2017 field season at the Connley Caves site located in south-central Oregon. The field school runs from June 26 through August 4, 2017. Boston University Ph.D. fellow, Justin Holcomb will be teaching a Geoarchaeology Field school that students have the option of enrolling in.

Texas A&M Ph.D. fellow, Katelyn McDonough will be teaching a two-week Archaeology Lab Methods course following the field school. Dates for the Archaeology Lab Methods course are August 7th – August 18th , 2017.

 The Connley Caves site is composed of 8 caves and rockshelters located in the Connley Hills of the Fort Rock basin some 10 miles south of the town of Fort Rock. These caves were first professionally investigated by Stephen Bedwell who radiocarbon dated charcoal in a Western Stemmed Tradition (WST) cultural component to as much as 11,200 14C BP (13,110 cal BP). The University of Oregon has conducted field school excavations there in 2000, 2001, 2014, 2015, and 2016. New findings include Haskett projectile points, scrapers, bifaces, 5 bone needles, and various other artifacts associated with radiocarbon dates ranging from 10,234 ± 38 (11,960 cal BP) to 11,080 ± 42 (12,970 cal BP) in Cave 4. Other deeply buried deposits located between caves 4 and 5 have yielded basketry, cordage, hide, coprolites, and lithic artifacts (Haskett and Cascade points, scrapers, bifaces, etc.).

The Northern Great Basin Prehistory Project field school is looking for interested, attentive, dedicated, and hard-working students for the upcoming season. Excavation of multiple units within Cave 4 will begin in late Pleistocene sediments (12,000 to 13,000 cal BP) containing significant quantities of artifacts, debitage, bone and charcoal. This field school provides students the exceptional opportunity to learn “hands-on” how to properly excavate under the direct supervision and mentoring of one of North America’s most widely recognized archaeologists investigating First American (pre-Clovis) sites. Dr. Dennis Jenkins, in his 29th year of directing the UO field school, will personally teach excavation methods, sampling techniques, site formation processes, and northern Great Basin prehistory.

Come and learn the fundamentals of professional excavation methods, survey, testing, lab protocol, and sterile coprolite collection at an important Paleoarchaic (Western Stemmed Tradition) site in the beautiful northern Great Basin!

Visit our website to apply and find information that is more detailed.


Contact: Dr. Dennis Jenkins - or (541) 346 – 3026, office at UO

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We are still seeking applications of this summer's field school!


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