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DigVentures FieldWork Opportunities, UK and US


DigVentures is an innovative social enterprise committed to developing and delivering collaborative archaeology projects (

The DV team comprises field archaeologists, community engagement experts and specialists in digital technologies, focused on increasing access and engagement, and enabling the public to genuinely participate in archaeological and heritage research. By joining our team onsite, you will learn technical field skills, as well as innovative ways of working with digital technology and public outreach techniques. Instruction is delivered by professional archaeologists, with further opportunities to attend masterclasses from leading specialists.

Our projects are open to anyone, regardless of experience or whether you are enrolled as a university student. All participants are assessed, and we offer a written account of skills gained on site towards achieving university credits. We also support the completion of the Archaeology Skills Passport on site.

This season we are running four excavations across the UK, including:

Oldbury Camp, Gloucestershire, UK – June 2017

Iron Age people are famous for building enormous hill forts. Why did they spring up and what were their function? New research is showing that it really isn’t as simple as you think. Choose this dig if you want to help find the answer to one of the biggest questions about Iron Age Britain.

Lindisfarne, Northumberland, UK - 10th - 25th July 2017

It may be one of the most iconic sites in English history, but the exact location of King Oswald’s monastery remains unknown. Last year, we found some tantalising clues, including the famous Anglo-Saxon namestone. Choose this dig to help us dig deeper into this 1,000 year old mystery.

Learn about last season here:

Elmswell Farm, Yorkshire, UK – 15th-20th August 2017

What have a lost medieval village, a Bronze Age Beaker burial, sixteen Roman denari and some Anglo-Saxon pottery got in common? That’s right, they’ve all been found right here at Elmswell Farm. Choose this dig and help kick off a proper archaeological investigation.

Morecambe Bay, Lancashire, UK – 12th-17th September 2017

The northwest has been dismissed as a Bronze Age blank spot for far too long. Choose this dig to help set the record straight and prove that it was actually a complex ritual landscape, full of burial mounds and impressive offerings. Let’s show ‘em!

We will also be running an excavation in the US:

Darrow, New York State, US – 29th May – 11th June 2017

Join us in the beautiful Berkshire mountains as we begin investigations at one of the very first Shaker settlements in the country. This utopian religious cult fled England in the 1770s – what evidence is left of their mysterious lives? Join this dig to help us find out!


Our training is offered from one-day experiences through to two weeks onsite. You can find more about pricing, including student rates, and how to join the team at or email for more information.

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