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PA/NY/NJ Field Technician - Seeking Employment


Jaclyn Joyce Lynyak
330 Broad St. Carlstadt, New Jersey 07072


My name is Jaclyn Lynyak and I am writing to express interest in an entry level position within the archaeological field. As you will see, I have a great deal of experience in archaeology and the cultural heritage field, and I hope to be your next ideal candidate for the position. I am a recent graduate of Montclair State University having received a B.A. in Anthropology and a minor in Archaeology in 2016 with a GPA of 3.85.

 My undergraduate training and related experience have given me the opportunity to travel extensively and work with a wide range of academic and heritage professionals. This type of work has allowed me to gain hands on experience, on and off the field, with diverse research techniques and cultures, as well as cultivate an ability to lead and manage teams efficiently in the process. I am constantly eager to learn and push myself further in order to continual improve my own abilities. It is my hope that you will consider these personal attributes an asset to your work.

I would greatly appreciate your consideration and I am available to be seen for an interview at your earliest convenience. Below is my CV for your review. I would be happy to provide you with any additional material you may require.   

EDUCATION                             _                                                                                                                                                

B.A Anthropology, Minor Archaeology, Montclair State University                                   December 2016

GPA 3.85

A.A Fine and Studio Arts, Bergen Community College                                                            May 2011


Research Interests:

Archaeology and cultural resource management. My particular interests include Pre-contact Native American Archaeology, social structure within Native American communities, community/public archaeology, and historic preservation.


EXPERIENCE                             _                                                                                                            

Archaeological Laboratory Technician                                                                             

Montclair State University                                                                                     May 2013- Jan. 2016

Volunteer technician within The Center of Heritage and Archaeological Studies. Cataloged artifacts from a range of ongoing projects. Participated in: cleaning, analyzing, organizing and interpretation of various artifacts.


Assistant Art Teacher

Creator’s Workshop – Wayne, New Jersey                                                           Oct. 2015 – July 2016     

Oversaw the work and development of  over 30 students, ranging from elementary school beginners to experienced high school students, and instructed them on the principles of art and art history. I aided the instructor by ensuring each student developed the proper techniques for a variety of art mediums such as paint, pencil, charcoal, pastels, and animation while highly encouraging creativity.


Exhibit Display Coordinator

Montclair Historical Society, Wayne Historical Society, & Vought House Project     May 2013-June 2015

Responsible for the design, layout, cost estimates, and construction of exhibits and displays of archaeological and cultural materials. I determined the displays effectiveness and ensured that the historical context for the exhibits were properly met. This was done by using significant and eye catching pieces, such as elaborate ceramics, ensuring the public would gain interest in the research.


Historical Sign Replication Project

Wayne Township Historical Society                                                                               September 2014

Wayne Historical Commission granted me the project of replicating and painting a small wooden plaque reading: Jane A. Colfax M.D., which formerly hung outside her practice.  Dr. Colfax was the first female obstetrician-gynecologist to practice at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Paterson at a time when female physicians were non-existent.


Fieldwork Assistant

Vought House Public Archaeology Program, Clifton New Jersey                                             June 2014

Provided technical support to public archaeology program administered by Montclair State University. Fieldwork was conducted to help reveal a spring house foundation southeast of the main house. The spring house was later dated to have been erected in 1759.


Student Researcher                                                                                                        Jan. - May 2014

Wayne Township Historical Society

Worked alongside Carol D'Allesandro for project research on the New Jersey Dutch. Assisted Edward Lenik in detailed categorization of projectile points and cataloging of artifacts from a former dig that focused on Ramapough Native Americans.


Archaeological Field Technician

University of Hawai’i at Mānoa                                                                     June - July 2013

Worked alongside Dr. Terry Hunt and Dr. Carl Lipo throughout Kualoa Field School. The field work at Kualoa addressed multiple questions and themes within Polynesian and Hawaiian archaeology, Pacific Island history, island biogeography, evolution, ecology, chronology, human impacts, land-use, community patterning, and the conservation of cultural resources.

Participated in: environmental field surveys, remote sensing, UAV photography, mapping, coring, excavation, and laboratory research.


Student Research Assistant & Field Technician

Montclair State University - Montclair, New Jersey                                               Jan..2012 -May 2013

Worked with Montclair Historical Society through Montclair State University alongside Dr. Christopher Matthews to excavate the garden area beside the Nathaniel Crane house.

The research process included visiting historical archives, transcribing oral histories, using online research to examine and collect relevant historical data, creating maps and locating plot points using the Pythagorean theorem, geophysical field surveys, digging of multiple shovel test pits (STPs), soil analysis, detailed note taking, photography, cleaning and preserving finds, conducting research and desk-based assessments of sites. All of which produced a publication of the excavation and site reports.


PUBLICATIONS                             _           

       Matthews, C, Ph.D; Hornstra, B; Lynyak, J; Moyer, E; and Paterno, T. “Report of Preliminary Archaeological investigations at the Montclair Historical Society Site in Montclair, New Jersey.”


RELEVANT COURSE WORK & SKILLS                             _                                                                             

       Conversational Spanish

       Team leadership and management

       ArcGIS 10.x

       Fine art and graphic design

       Photographic documentation

       Detailed map drawing

       Methods in Anthropological Research and Practice

       Native American History/ Prehistory

       Microsoft Office Suites (2003/2007/2008/2010/2011); Windows XP/Vista 


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