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Italy-Vulci Etruscan and Roman Archaeology


Vulci 3000 is a multidisciplinary archaeological research project that employs advanced digital technologies. The field school is focused on the Etruscan and Roman site of Vulci (10th–3rd c. BCE–4th c. CE) and directed by Prof. Maurizio Forte – The William and Sue Gross Professor of Classical Studies Art, Art History, and Visual Studies and a Bass Chair at Duke University. Located in the Province of Viterbo, Italy, Vulci was one of the largest and most important cities in the 1st millennium BCE in the Italian peninsula. This project will analyze and track the transformation and development of Vulci into a city, then city-state, and finally into a Roman city, and serve to interpret models of urban transformation in the ancient world. The habitation site is a unique, stratified, and mostly untouched, urban context that includes, in the same area, Iron Age, Etruscan, Roman and Medieval settlements.

To apply: Apply at the IFR site

Academic Credits: This field school is part of the Institute for Field Research offering. Students earn 12 UCLA credit units for attending this program.

Tuition: $4,200   


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