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Recent B.A. seeking permanent/temporary fieldwork in Western U.S., willing to travel


Max Kalina

P.O. Box 2523

Mendocino, California, 95460, United States

(707) 357-4472


  • Awarded Bachelors in Anthropology with Archaeological Emphasis from UCSB
  • Completion of BVAR Archaeology Field School, Participated in Phase lll Excavations
  • Physically Fit, Excellent Stamina, Able to Work in Extreme Environments
  • Outdoor Enthusiast, Extensive Backpacking, Hiking, Kayaking, Wilderness Experience 
  • Experience with Topographic Maps and Compass Navigation
  • Trowel, Pick, Backpacking Pack, Tent, Hand-Held Compass, and Basic First-Aid Kit 


University of California, Santa Barbara

Anthropology Major, B.A., with Archaeological Emphasis, Spring 2016

  • Anthropology of California Indians, Osteology, Intro to Lithic Analysis, Prehistoric California, Prehistoric Food Production, Household Archaeology, Archaeology of Andean Civilization, and Zooarchaeology.
  • Overall GPA of 3.43

Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara, California

Anthropology Candidate, May 2014

Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project, Summer 2016

  • Settlement Analysis
  • Understanding the prehistoric socio-political landscape of the Belize River Valley



Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project, Summer 2016

  • Surveyed
  • Excavation of Monumental Architecture
  • Ceramic/ Lithic Analysis
  • Soil Screening
  • Educated in Basic Field/Laboratory Techniques


Interned under Professor Greg Wilson, Fall 2014

  • Scanned and converted field notes into pdf files then stored in online database
  • Transferred pdf survey maps to GIS database

Continued with Professor Wilson, Spring 2015

  • Went through soil samples, discerned lithics and bones from rocks
  • Assisted Undergraduate student on separate Repatriation projects

Interned under Professor Gamble, Fall 2015

  • Cataloging Chumash shell middens 
  • Experience in flotation process

Interned under Professor VanDerwarker, Fall 2015, Spring 2016

  • Analyzed soil samples, and separated inorganic and organic, then categorized and identify botanical species

Technical Skills

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop, GPS, and Basic GIS


  • Elected school delegate to American Legion Boys State in Summer 2009 
  • Nominated for National Society of Leadership and Success, 2014

 Volunteer Experience

  • Mackerricker State Park Seal Monitor, April 2010 
  • Adopt-A-Block, street and beach clean up in Isla Vista Ca, 2014

 References ( Available on Request)



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