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Seeking Guidance for what I should get a degree in and where I should go to college


I am still in High School, and I have wanted to be an Archaeologist since I was 5. Because I am in high school, it is obviously time to start thinking about college and what I want to graduate with. I just want to know what college(s) is best for the field I want to pursue in and what I should graduate with. Also, (3rd question), should I strive for a degree higher than a Bachelor's?

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What college do you want to go to? A better question is do you want a big class or  a smaller class more teacher to student ratio. I went to a jr college first because my grades weren't good enough but then transferred to the school University of Minnesota Morris. which is a good school. If I were you I would look at the teacher to student ratio and the archaeology program. As for your second question it depends on if you want to be a field tech or be in a office more than the field. I have a bachelors degree and about two months of experience (taking another archaeology field school). I would say this do volunteer through NRCS, Bureau of Land Management and places like that so that you can build up work experience. if you have any questions text me at 480-486-7786


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