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Question about CRM work


It seems like nearly every field tech posting requires at least 6-12 months of prior experience. How does one acquire such experience if every firm requires at least 6 months? I understand there are volunteer opportunities out there, but they can be highly impractical with student loans and other bills to pay. Just seems like CRM firms are looking to underpay more experienced techs. 

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Hey there,

Well, not all firms require 6+ months field experience....some will hire you straight out of college. Heck some companies will hire even if you haven't graduated yet. There are a lot of variables there. It can depend on the company policy, or on the specific type of project, or what the caliber of work the state expects on that project. 

I'd say a good place to start is somewhere local. Find a mom & pop sort of CRM firm somewhere close to where you are located. Work all the projects you can with them and get a feel for what fieldwork is really like. Then hit the road and see what else is out there. 

Ha and nobody gets into the life for the money, that's for sure. Pay is not the same across the board every project and company is different. Some pay better than others, but you aren't going to be making bank your first job anyhow.  To give you an idea of pay range i've experienced over the past 5 years:

My lowest paying tech job (first job) I was paid $11.00 hourly with no per diem

My highest paying supervisor job I was paid $24.00 hourly with $59.00 per diem

Happy Trowels :)

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Thank you for the feedback and advice, you have definitely helped ease my worries. I recently finished my MA but have limited field experience (did my undergrad in history, and doing my field school next month). Reckon I should take my hand off the panic button and just enjoy field school :)

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Jennifer Palmer

You may want to consider trying to squeeze in a few volunteer projects on the weekends, if you can spare the time.  It wasn't exactly the reason that I wanted to volunteer, but through the years I've gotten more than a few jobs through contacts I met on such volunteer projects.  

Good luck to you,



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