Topic ID #38411 - posted 6/4/2017 6:52 PM

Is theory about peopling of the Americas a bridge too far?



Some argue that humans flourished for thousands of years on a fertile intercontinental land bridge until melting glaciers opened the route to the Americas. But major gaps in the evidence remain.

Twenty thousand years ago, the Earth was hostile territory. Hulking glaciers smothered much of North America. Deserts claimed swathes of every continent, and winters were 40 degrees colder than today in some spots. But far to the north lay a sprawling, unlikely haven that stretched from modern-day Canada to Siberia. This was Beringia, a refuge of tundra and grasslands dotted with wildflowers, ponds, and scrubby willow trees. Mammoths and bison roamed its plains for thousands of years. And, if a controversial theory is to be believed, people did too.


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