Topic ID #38431 - posted 6/11/2017 11:42 AM

Old Vero Man archaeologist stops digging, starts analyzing


Bet you didn't know one of the world's leading authorities on ancient textiles and basketry works at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute in Fort Pierce.

Why would a school which studies the oceans of the world need someone with vast expertise of the woven variety?

Jim Adavasio has spent the past four years on the Treasure Coast as the lead archaeologist on the Old Vero Man excavation in Vero Beach.

The baskets came into his work life six years before he set foot here.

From 2007 until 2013, Adavasio was a member of a team of archaeologists who made groundbreaking discoveries about the humans who lived at an ancient site in coastal Peru 15,000 years ago. That's roughly comparable to the people who lived on the Old Vero Man site, around the end of the last ice age.


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