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Seeking Resumes and CVs for Principal Investigator and Project Manager

Ohio Valley Archaeology is pleased to seek Resumes and CVs for an

Entry-level Principal Investigator and Project Manager

(salary and benefits commensurate with experience).

 General Description

-Manage Projects and Project Status

-Prepare and Edit Phase I-III Cultural Resources Management Reports

-Prepare State Site Forms

-Write Small Reports, File Searches, Background Research, etc.

-Fieldwork (role versatility)

-Assistance to Principals and Senior-level Principal Investigators


-Network and Interact with Clients

-Assistance with Statements of Work, Budgeting, Project Information

-Safety Coordinator

-Curation Coordinator



-Must have a Master’s Degree in Archaeology/Anthropology

-3-5 years managing/writing cultural resource management reports

-Knowledge of North American pre-contact and historic-period archaeology and artifacts

-Research capabilities

-Ability to work and communicate with state and federal agency personnel

-Strong leadership and communication skills

-Ability to communicate with clients

-Report Writing and Editing skills


Other Responsibilities

The position requires the regular use of Trimble GPS, ArcGIS, transit/total stations, draw programs, office-based data processing, ability to travel (locally and out of state when required), ability to work outdoors in all kinds of weather, physical endurance to conduct archaeological field investigations in remote and challenging environments, ability to carry equipment (shovel and screen, GPS unit, cameras) while conducting fieldwork, ability to read and understand maps, ability to prepare field records and drawings, and ability to manage field teams.  Weekend and evening work may be required.


The successful candidate must also have strong leadership skills, work well with other disciplines in a team environment, be independent/take initiative/creative/and excel at troubleshooting, and be able to negotiate/execute multiple concurrent projects.


Must have valid Driver’s License and be able to drive, Must be able to pass drug test and background check, Excellent oral and written communication skills, Demonstrate ability to write reports.


To learn more about Ohio Valley Archaeology, Inc., please view our website at  Ohio Valley Archaeology is an ADA/EEOO employer.


To apply for this position, please submit your resume and letter of interest to or in writing to:


Ohio Valley Archaeology, Inc.

Attn: Jennifer Pecora

4889 Sinclair Road, Suite 210

Columbus, Ohio 43229




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