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Recent Graduate, Experience across the Southeast. Willing to relocate anywhere.


Madison E. Blankenship

P.O. Box 331

Milligan College, TN 37682



BA in Anthropology with Archaeology minor

East Tennessee State University - Johnson City, TN

Graduation pending - July 2017

High School

Science Hill High School Johnson City, TN

Archaeological Experience

July 2016-August 2016

Archaeological Field School - Pile Mound at Pall Mall, TN (40FN180)

This was my first field experience. This field school was done through ETSU under professor Dr. Jay Franklin. This experience solidified my desire to pursue a career in Archaeology.

Early December 2016

Archaeological Field School - Archaeological survey for Pickett State Park TN

This field school was done through ETSU under professor Dr. Jay Franklin. We surveyed a couple of rock shelters in the park, one of which was very promising. We found several points and some pottery scattered around the shelter. Multiple points were collected directly from the surface at this shelter.

Mid December 2016 - January 2017

Archaeological Field School - Archaeological survey for Pisgah National Forest

This field school was done through ETSU under professor Dr. Jay Franklin and we worked closely with Forest Service Archaeologist Scott Ashcraft. During this field school, we were surveying rock shelters throughout the park while staying at the Joara Foundation building in Morganton, NC. We surveyed as many shelters on Scott’s list as we could within the time that we had. The majority of these shelters were culturally sterile, only a few provided any artifacts. One had been heavily looted, however, we recovered quite a bit of debris left by the looters. We also visited the Fort San Juan and Joara site and observed the stratigraphy and features present at the current level of excavation.

March 5-12  2017

Spanish Mount Volunteer Excavation/Recovery Project - Edisto Beach State Park in conjunction with the University of South Carolina

This was a salvage project that I participated in over my Spring Break. The four thousand year old shell mound has been eroded away by storms and the creek that runs along side of it. I was told that this might be the last excavation performed on the mound. Nothing has been written or done about the mound since the 70s and it is almost entirely gone. We primarily found bivalve shells, whelk shells, Tom’s Creek pottery sherds,  fish, turtle, and bird bone. The most notable artifacts found in this mound were the bone pins, which were relatively small and sometimes very intricately decorated on the distal ends. There were (surprisingly to me) no lithics in the mound at all, no tools, no flakes, and no debitage.

April 2017

TWRA Survey - Archaeological survey for Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (40SL461)

Phase II in Sullivan County, TN in preparation for the installation of a new boat ramp along the Holston River. This was a historic site dating to around the early 1800s. During this survey, two of our units were heavily looted. There were also signs of Native American occupation such as a few recovered bifaces and debitage.

October 2017-Mid November 2017

Field Tech Bienville National Forest, MS. SPB Suppression Survey, LG 2 Enviro.

Phase I survey in National Forest. This is my first CRM job, on this survey I have learned all of the basics of survey including how to use a compass, gps, and how to sight in my own transects. 

 Lab Experience

300+ hours of lab experience including, lithic analysis, cleaning and sorting artifacts, and research into French Medieval homestead structures.

Other Work experience - Retail

  • TJ Maxx - One year (2013-2014)

    • Men’s and kids departments

    • Jewelry

  • Victoria’s Secret - Seasonal (2015-2016)

    • Shipments, floor sets, and stock

  • Kmart - March 2017- September 14, 2017 (store went out of business,  I was there until the very end)

    • Fashions

    • Jewelry

  • MadzWax Candles - August 2015 to present, this is my own business that I created and operate

  • Babysitting


  • Duke Talent Identification Program (2007) - Marine Biology Summer Program (2011

  • High School English Award (2013)

  • High School presidential academic achievement award (2013)

  • Academic Achievement Scholarship - University of South Alabama (2013)

  • Jaguar Marching Band Color Guard Scholarship - University of South Alabama (2013)

  • Dean’s List ETSU (2017)


  • Violin - 12 years

  • SCUBA certified (SSI)

  • Travel - 45 US states, three provinces of Canada, North East Mexico, and the Bahamas

  • Color Guard Captain - Science Hill HS Marching Band

  • Quidditch Team Founder/Captain - Science Hill HS

  • Secretary - ETSU Quidditch team


  • English - Fluent

  • Spanish - Somewhat proficient (3 classes in  high school and 16 hours of University level Spanish Courses

currently converting a school bus into a tiny house on wheels, projected completion December 2017.  I intend to live in this full time and bring it to any job that I can.



Dr. Jay D. Franklin

Professor/Mentor of Archaeology

East Tennessee State University

(423) 833-6249

Todd Stacy

Store Manager, Kmart Johnson City
310 Reno Street
Rogersville, Tn 37857

David Jones

Archaeologist to the State of South Carolina


Personal References

Tina Wilkinson

HR Manager

TJ Maxx Johnson City, TN


Kelley Reid

Peer (two digs together) and Co-worker (Kmart)



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