Topic ID #38529 - posted 7/23/2017 7:28 PM

Science solves mystery of detached skulls in burial mound


From the 3-million-year-old skeleton of Lucy to the 5,000-year-old Italian Iceman Otzi, human remains tell humanity’s most-intimate stories. Without human remains, archaeologists are left with fragments of scenery and discarded props, but no actors.

A fascinating example of what studies of human remains can tell us about ancient lives was published in the June issue of the Journal of Archaeological Research Reports. Archaeologist Daniel Jones at Georgia State University, along with a team of biological anthropologists and a geologist, investigated six human skulls found in a pit beneath Elizabeth Mound 3 in Illinois. All of the other burials in the mound were complete skeletons. Jones and his colleagues sought to answer who these six people were based only on their severed heads.


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