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Crew Chief/Supervisor: Seasonal position


Ethnoscience, Inc. a CRM consulting firm in Billings, MT, currently has an opening for the position of seasonal crew chief/supervisor archaeologist with possibility of longer-term/permanent position depending on future workload.  Work includes excavation, testing and survey in North Dakota and Montana.  The possibility of report write up and preparation during the winter months is contingent upon future contracts.  Supervising crews of one to five individuals is standard.  Minimum qualifications include either a M.A. or M.S. in Anthropology or Archaeology.  Experience in the Northern Plains, and experience with GPS units preferred.  Work while in the field tends to be a 10 day on / 4 day off schedule; if work allows employment during the winter, a 5 day on / 2 day off schedule is standard.


If work allows longer-term employment, health insurance, vision, and dental, and company supplemented retirement plan is available.  Housing is provided when in the field and is often available through the breaks depending on the project.  No drugs, guns, pets, or significant other not employed by Ethnoscience are allowed in company housing.  Interested individuals can e-mail their vita and references.


Mailing Address:

Ethnoscience, Inc.

4140 King Avenue East

Billings, MT 59101. 

Fax: (406) 252-9483

For any questions regarding this posting please contact Ethnoscience at (406)-252-7945. 


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