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Archaeologist II Review/Compliance Unit Coordinator - Anchorage, AK (AK residents)

Jennifer Palmer

Archaeologist II Review/Compliance Unit Coordinator (PCN 10-5238)
Job Details
This listing closes on 9/15/2017 at 5:00 PM Alaska.
$4,988.00 Monthly
Location - Anchorage, AK
Job Type
Full Time
Natural Resources
Job Number
Closing date and time
9/15/2017 at 5:00 PM Alaska
Parks and Outdoor Recreation
Position Open To
Alaska Residents Only
Bargaining Unit
 Job Description
Hiring Restriction Exemption 
This individual position is EXEMPT from the hiring restrictions. Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply.
This position is open to Alaska Residents only
The Archaeologist II position in the Office of History and Archaeology is a member of the State Historic Preservation Office Review & Compliance program staff.   The position is the coordinator of the review/compliance unit and supervises the two archaeologists and one architectural historian review/compliance staff.
Primary duties include:
Review proposed projects that are federally and/or state licensed, funded, permitted, or otherwise assisted for potential for impacts on archaeological, historical, and landscape resources of historic and cultural significance under the authorities of federal and state historic preservation laws and regulations.  Prepare correspondence with State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) comments, determinations, and/or findings;  
Determine if known historic properties exist in the project area by comparing documentation submitted by the agency or applicant with the Alaska Heritage Resource Survey database and other documents;
Use professional judgment and understanding of Alaska history and prehistory to assess the potential of unreported historic properties to be in the project area and in previously unsurveyed areas;
Consult with agencies and/or applicants on all stages of review processes (Alaska Historic Preservation Act and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act);
Provide technical assistance and advice on identification, evaluation, assessment of effects, and agreement documents;
Provide technical assistance and training to federal and state agencies and applicants complying with federal or state historic preservation laws and regulations;
Maintain electronic database for tracking project reviews and the status of SHPO concurrences or comments;
Evaluate findings and determinations using National Register of Historic Places guidelines and Alaska Landmarks program guidance and make recommendations for determinations of concurrence or non-concurrence;  
Allocate incoming review and compliance project review requests to self, subordinates or other professional staff.  Review, correct and edit as needed subordinate`s project review correspondence and other documents generated by them.
We are looking for a motivated, well-organized individual who has demonstrated the following strengths, skills and abilities (These traits must be documented in your cover letter and applicant profile):
Experience in Cultural Resource Management laws, regulations and guidelines, especially the Section 106 review process;
Working knowledge of the methods, theories, laws, and ethics of archaeology, historic preservation, and/or cultural resource management; 
Working knowledge and experience in applying the Secretary of Interior's Standards and Guidelines for Archaeological Documentation;  
Comprehensive knowledge of the historic and prehistoric archaeology of Alaska and/or the West or Northwest regions;  
Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing;
Organizational skills and ability to prioritize multiple demands;  
Proficiency in the use of computer applications, specifically word processing, spread sheets and databases; 
Experience establishing and maintaining effective working relationships in the office, as well as with other state,  federal and local government agencies, Alaska Native tribes and organizations, and private groups; and
The ability to work as a member of a team Ability to instruct/guide others positively. 
Minimum Qualifications
Master's degree from an accredited college in archaeology, or anthropology with course emphasis in archaeology, including or supplemented by two field seasons experience, of at least two months duration each, in archaeology site location, identification and excavation. One field season must have been as a team supervisor.
Substitution: Two years of professional archaeological research which included field experience, beyond the specified bachelor's degree, may be substituted for the required master's degree.

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