Topic ID #38831 - posted 10/10/2017 6:27 AM

Portions of Mal'ta 1 Genome Distinctly Native American in Origin?

Charlie Hatchett

" is relevant for several reasons....Analysis of the nuclear sequence data from this individual indicated stretches that were clearly ancestral to West Eurasian populations, but others that were distinctly Native American in origin. The authors infer that this is evidence for admixture between Eurasian and early Native American source populations prior to population movement eastward post-LGM and the subsequent colonization of the Americas. However, the geographic signal in such data is equivocal, and the data from this single genome are consistent with a view that the admixture occurred further east, and the population to which the Mal'ta child belonged was part of a westward movement as northern latitudes were being abandoned at the onset of the LGM."(Tackney et. al.).."

Distinctly Native American in orgin...


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