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2018 Archaeological Field Methods in Alaska


Late Pleistocene Archaeology Field School in the Tanana Valley, Alaska.
University students interested in archaeology are encouraged to apply for the Adelphi University Archaeological Field Methods in Alaska course. With a student to instructor ratio among the lowest available (3:1), you will participate in ongoing research and make new discoveries. Excavate the newly discovered Holzman site along Shaw Creek where we are investigating the interaction of Ice Age people with mammoth and other large fauna. Join us as we investigate the question, who were the First Alaskans?

Already have a field school but looking for more? We also have an advanced program for graduate credit (click here).

For information on pricing and how to apply online (click here).
For the latest 2-min YouTube short (click here).

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Get a sneak peek at the latest evidence from the Holzman site from "Late Pleistocene Mammoth Ivory Use at the Holzman site in Interior Alaska" (link). Our poster presented at the 116th Annual Meetings of the American Anthropological Association, Washington D.C. where this field school will be held.

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We are still accepting applications for summer 2018! Learn more at 


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