Topic ID #38875 - posted 10/23/2017 12:58 AM

Appalachian English (Linguistics)


If you might could be wondering a little about the kind of English spoken in the Appalachians — the kind that includes double modals like “might could” and asks, “Was you wantin’ to go to town?” Well, there’s a new website, written by the leading experts on that very topic, that tells the truth, the whole truth, about it. It’s free, available to everyone, and it’s right here.

Instead of waiting here for my further explanation, you can go right now to the website and enjoy its many features, including a vocabulary quiz. But in case you’d like a preview:

The principal author of the website is Michael Montgomery of the University of South Carolina, assisted by Paul Reed of the University of Alabama. Montgomery is the leading expert on Appalachian English, having devoted a lifetime to it. And a lifetime’s collection of materials is right there on the site.


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