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Archaeological/Paleontological Resources Manager - Santa Ana, CA


Michael Baker International is seeking an Archaeological/Paleontological Resources Manager for our Santa Ana office.
Archaeological/Paleontological Resources Manager (Environmental Associate II)
Job Type: FullTime
Primary Location: Santa Ana, CA
So what does an Archaeological/Paleontological Resources Manager at Michael Baker International do?
The primary functions of the archaeological/paleontological resource manager opportunity are to conduct archaeological/paleontological research, monitoring, survey, testing, and data recovery.  
Can you walk me through a typical day of an Archaeological/Paleontological Resources Manager? 
•The majority of your day would be spent conducting archaeological/paleontological fieldwork including monitoring, survey and excavation
•You will be called upon to perform/analyze records searches and complete background research.
•In addition, CEQA/NEPA/Section 106 report writing, and
•CEQA/NEPA environmental document cultural and tribal cultural resources sections preparation.
What can I expect for a career path, and where might this role take me?
•We are committed to the growth of our internal personnel and we support this with first-rate learning and development that leads to career advancement!
•An Environmental Associate II will typically receive assignments with increasing responsibility and, over time, is expected to progress to Environmental Specialist and beyond. There are a number of opportunities to advance or move laterally into other areas of interest.
Could I be the Archaeological/Paleontological Resource Manager Michael Baker International is looking for?
•You’ll have earned a Master’s Degree in Anthropology (or related field) and be cross trained in Paleontology. Or you’ll have earned a Master’s Degree in Paleontology and be cross trained in Archaeology.
•You’ll carry 4+ years of experience in Cultural Resources Management field archaeology/paleontology.
•Demonstrated experience and competency with crafting and fulfilling archaeological/paleontological mitigation measures. 
•Knowledge of federal and state laws that apply to archaeology and paleontology.
•You’ll need to demonstrate excellent analytical skills and exceptional technical writing ability.
•You should be capable of working in either an office or field environment, as needed. 
•Ideal candidates will meet the Secretary of Interior Professional Qualification Standards for archeology 
•A valid California driver’s license.
•Ability to travel throughout California. Candidate will report to Rancho Cordova but will be located in Southern California. 
Who is Michael Baker International? Why would I want to work there?
Michael Baker International provides engineering, planning and consulting services for government, private and commercial partners, assisting in planning, architectural, environmental, construction and program management. Our employees demonstrate a world-class ability to solve complex problems. As a company, We Make a Difference.

Why is it important?
For most of us, our work enables us to have a direct and meaningful impact on the communities and environment in which we live and serve. Across the continuum of our expertise and projects, our work: transforms the world; enables economies; creates healthier and more engaging cities and neighborhoods; and engineers, plans and designs the very infrastructure that sustains and improves our world. Simply stated, the work we do everyday matters. We Make a Difference every day with every engagement. 

How do I apply?
Select the Apply Online button at the top or bottom of this ad, and provide us your resume. 
If you want to do some more digging first, please check out our Glassdoor, LinkedIn and Great Places to Work pages.
Job Location
Santa Ana, CA

Archaeological/Paleontological Resource Manager - (171572) 
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