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Review and Compliance Archaeologist - Nevada SHPO

Rebecca Palmer

Posting Closes: December 29, 2017

Salary: APPROXIMATE ANNUAL SALARY -  $48,337.20 to  $71,806.32

Location: Carson City, Nevada

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This position will serve as an archaeological reviewer in the Review and Compliance Program for the Nevada State Historic Preservation Office. The incumbent will recommend to State and federal agencies the kind and intensity of archaeological surveys and historic contexts and background studies to be conducted; review and provide comments on archaeological survey reports prepared in the State to ensure they meet federal and State standards; determine the adequacy of documentation for evaluation of cultural resources discovered; recommend whether or not to concur with federal agency determinations of significance and project related effects; conduct site inspections; provide advice and technical assistance to State and federal agencies regarding the treatment and stewardship of cultural resources; review and prepare technical papers at professional conferences and educate the public on preservation issues; and coordinate with other State and federal agencies to set standards for report writing, evaluation, stewardship, and mitigation of cultural resources. The incumbent will manage the Office's administration of the state's Native American Burial Protection statutes on behalf of the Administrator and will coordinate burial activities with Native Americans and other State agencies.

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