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Achill Archaeological Field School Accredited Courses 2018

Achill Field School

Keem Bay May & June 2018

Join our International Field School team at the breathtaking site of Keem Bay on Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way. This year we will survey and excavate one of the houses at a settlement that dates to the 18th century or earlier. Documentary sources indicate that for over 100 years Keem was a busy settlement of farmers, fishermen and wool spinners. Why the village was deserted is unknown. In the mid 19th century, the settlement was demolished, leaving only grass-grown ruins. The AAFS research at Keem will provide an unparalleled glimpse into everyday life in pre-famine Ireland, and offers a significant challenge to popular perceptions of the period. 

Caraun Point July & August 2018

An exciting new excavation will take at Caraun Point, a sand-covered peninsula jutting into the Atlantic Ocean on Achill Island.  It is well-known for its rich archaeological remains, including an early medieval enclosure, a cillin or children's burial ground, shell middens and a number of stone buildings of unknown date.  In 2018, we will target one of the buildings for excavation and also explore the shell midden site. 

New!! Achill Field School Scholarship

In 2018, AAFS will offer two $2,000 scholarships for any of our 6-week or 12-week accredited courses. The bursaries which can be offset against course fees aim to support students in their field school journey of discovery.   Applicants for the scholarship must first enrol in one of the above courses, submit a CV and short 1500 word essay on why they wish to study at Achill Archaeological Field School. Applications should be sent to: with subject title 'Scholarship 2018'. Full details:


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