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Achill Archaeological Field School Accredited Courses 2018

Achill Field School

Achill Archaeological Field School 2018

The Achill Archaeological Field School, founded in 1991, is a premier training school for students of archaeology and anthropology and an accredited Field School of the National University of Ireland, Galway. Our mission is to promote the discipline of archaeology through academic and field-based study programmes for national and overseas students that combine in-depth training with state-of-the-art archaeological research. The work of the Field School contributes enormously to the understanding, promotion and safeguarding of the local archaeological resource.

Program Content

The field school offers 2, 4, 6 and 12 week courses that come with 3, 6, and 9 semester credit hours (6, 12, 18 ECTS). All our courses are accredited by the National University of Ireland, Galway. The courses cover a full range of excavation and surveying techniques including photogrammetry, EDM survey, artefact and environmental processing, GIS, and illustration preparation. Our courses include field trips, guided tours and guest lectures, as well as a series of specialist workshops by guest experts.

Keem Bay

May & June 2018

In May and June 2018 we will return to the site of a pre-Famine village perched above the breath-taking Keem Bay on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. The village of Keem was in existence from at least the mid-18th century and by 1838 it had c.40 buildings. For over one hundred years Keem was a busy settlement of farmers, fishers, and wool spinners. The village met its tragic demise during the great Irish Famine (1845-52) and its small dwellings were subsequently demolished. Between 2009 and 2017 AAFS has excavated three dwellings at Keem. This ongoing research provides an unparalleled glimpse into everyday life in pre-Famine Ireland and offers a significant challenge to popular perceptions of the period. In 2018 we will excavate a fourth house at Keem, focusing on what we argue is the oldest part of the village.

Caraun Point

July & August 2018

In July and August, we will begin an exciting new excavation at Caraun Point, on the northern coast of Achill Island. Caraun Point is a small sand-covered peninsula jutting into the Atlantic Ocean. It is well-known for its rich archaeological remains, including an early medieval enclosure, a children’s burial ground, shell middens, and a number of stone buildings of unknown date eroding out of the sand dunes. In 2018 we will target one of these small stone buildings for excavation. The recovery of a dedicatory stone dated AD1618 suggests a 17th century date for the origin of the village; the excavation will answer some important questions about the development of vernacular settlements and building traditions on Ireland’s Atlantic coast.

Achill Scholarship 2018

For the first time in 2018 Achill Archaeological Field School will offer two $2000 scholarships for any of our 6-week or 12-week accredited excavation courses. The bursaries, which can be offset against course fees, aim to support students in their field school journey of discovery. Applicants for the scholarship should submit a 500 word statement outlining why they wish to study at the Achill Archaeological Field School accompanied by a CV. Students must have applied and completed enrolment at the Achill Archaeological Field School before the scholarship deadline of April 30 2018. Applications should be sent to with subject title Scholarship.

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