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Greenland- Arctic Vikings Archaeology Field School 2018


This program admits only four students. Tuition has been significantly reduced through generous support provided by Ms. Connie Downing. Application deadline for this program is January 30, 2018. Student selection will be announced by February 9, 2018. Students do not need to apply separately to the Connie Downing Scholarship — Application to this field school is the same as application to the scholarship. 

This field school is a four-week adventure in a rugged environment that will provide students with a crash course in Arctic Archaeology. Students will learn how to identify sites and features through landscape survey, perform “keyhole” excavations and learn how to document their observations quickly and efficiently. Students will not only learn about archaeological field methods but will have the chance to interact with the local community and gain insight into emerging issues of global climate change impact on cultural resources in the Arctic. Due to the urgency of the situation at NKAH 5500, emphasis will be placed on rapid and efficient intervention techniques in the field. This will benefit students who plan to pursue cultural resource management work in the future.

·         Course Dates: July 1-July 31, 2018

·         Enrollment Status: OPEN

·         Total Cost: $2,950

·         Course Type: Field Archaeology

·         Instructors: Dr. Hans H. Harmsen


On site—where the majority of the field school will take place—we will be camping. You should bring your own tent, sleeping bag, air mattress etc. of good quality that are suitable for high winds and night temperatures that may drop to below freezing. You will receive information before we leave detailing the equipment for which you will be responsible. Water will be collected from local springs for cooking and drinking. This is a rugged and isolated environment with absolutely no supermarkets or stores in the immediate area. Toilet facilities are basic but functional. Our toilets are frequently renewed, open-air (with privacy screens). Arrangements will be made with a nearby farmer to access shower facilities during the weekends.

Meals: All food during the course of the field school is inclusive. All meals will be communal events and provide nutritious but basic food with what can be obtained in the nearby towns. We take turns cooking and doing the washing up, allowing budding chefs an opportunity to wow us all. It is not possible to accommodate special dietary needs in this remote location. This is due to the lack of ingredients that can be purchased in the immediate area.

ACADEMIC CREDIT UNITS & TRANSCRIPTS Credit Units: Attending students will be awarded 8 semester credit units (equivalent to 12 quarter credit units) through our academic partner, Connecticut College. Connecticut College is a private, highly ranked liberal arts institution with a deep commitment to undergraduate education. Students will receive a letter grade for attending this field school (see grading assessment and matrix). This field school provides a minimum of 160 direct instructional hours. Students are encouraged to discuss the transferability of credit units with faculty and registrars at their home institutions prior to attending this field school.


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