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France-Malvieu Archaeology Field School 2018



Towards c. 1000 BC, a Late Bronze Age community settled in the higher part of the hill of Malvieu, in a small valley of the Black Mountain –Montagne Noire-, in Mediterranean France. This settlement would eventually grow and its complexity increase: towards 800 BC, a rampart is built and the appearance of houses of different sizes and architecture demonstrate the existence of social differentiation. The site is abandoned towards 500 BC, for unknown reasons. The excavations of Malvieu are a unique opportunity to investigate the dynamics the Mediterranean during the early 1st millennium BC.

·         Course Dates: July 1-July 28, 2018

·         Enrollment Status: OPEN

·         Total Cost: $4,765

·         Course Type: Field Archaeology

·         Instructors: Dr. Alexis Gorgues


Housing will be provided in Saint-Pons-de-Thomières, a charming town of southern France, in the valley of the Jaur, in a small structure called the Campotel du Jaur( Students will be housed in small but comfortable apartments of 4 beds, each one with its own kitchen and bathroom. Apartments will be shared between the US and French students. Most of the meals will be prepared by the students themselves. In the evening, the dinner will be a communal event with the entire team while lunch will be taken separately in each apartment (to provide time for a possible nap). Shopping for ingredients will be done by the staff for the whole team. In such conditions, some accommodation can be made for vegetarians, but at the risk of monotony in the diet (rice, noodles, etc.). Specialized diets such as vegan, kosher, and gluten free will be difficult to accommodate.

ACADEMIC CREDIT UNITS & TRANSCRIPTS Credit Units: Attending students will be awarded 8 semester credit units (equivalent to 12 quarter credit units) through our academic partner, Connecticut College. Connecticut College is a private, highly ranked liberal arts institution with a deep commitment to undergraduate education. Students will receive a letter grade for attending this field school (see grading assessment and matrix). This field school provides a minimum of 160 direct instructional hours. Students are encouraged to discuss the transferability of credit units with faculty and registrars at their home institutions prior to attending this field school.


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