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Peru- Corral Redondo Archaeology Field School 2018


In January of 1943, workmen at the Churunga Valley discovered extraordinary Wari and Inca objects at Corral Redondo. The finds included imperial Wari face-neck jars, dozens of spectacular Wari feathered textiles, silver Inca objects and high-end Inca ceramics, miniatures and textiles. The site was likely a huaca – a sacred Andean site. The nature of the recovered objects suggests that the site functioned as a capachocha, an important ritual location where high-end objects were interned as part of elite ceremonies. This alone makes Corral Redondo an important site. The fact that such high-end objects were interred at the site over an extended period of time (AD 600-1550) suggests that Corral Redondo was remembered for centuries as a potent ceremonial location – an extremely rare occurrence in the Andes. This project will excavate the site and attempt to recover additional objects, understand its architecture and through ground survey, contextualize Corral Redondo is time and space. We will also help create a local museum where finds from the site will become part of the cultural heritage of the local community.

·         Course Dates: July 22-August 18, 2018

·         Enrollment Status: OPEN

·         Total Cost: $3,137

·         Course Type: Field Archaeology

·         Instructors: Dr. Maria Cecilia Lozada, Dr. Hans Barnard, Vanessa Muros


During the initial days of the program, students will reside at the La Casa de mi Abuela ( hotel in Arequipa. From there, the team will travel to Iquipi at the Churunga Valley, where field work will take place. At Iquipi, students will stay at a house rented by the project that will have common rooms and clean, but rustic and basic facilities. Beds are provided but students are responsible for linen or may use sleeping bags.

All weekday meals are provided by the project and will be communal events. Meals will provide plenty of nutritious but basic food in the tradition of local cuisine. The daily diet in Peru is heavily based on rice, corn, potatoes and meat. Specialized diets (vegan, kosher, etc.) are impossible to maintain in this location. Vegetarians may attend but will find options limited.

ACADEMIC CREDIT UNITS & TRANSCRIPTS Credit Units: Attending students will be awarded 8 semester credit units (equivalent to 12 quarter credit units) through our academic partner, Connecticut College. Connecticut College is a private, highly ranked liberal arts institution with a deep commitment to undergraduate education. Students will receive a letter grade for attending this field school (see grading assessment and matrix). This field school provides a minimum of 160 direct instructional hours. Students are encouraged to discuss the transferability of credit units with faculty and registrars at their home institutions prior to attending this field school.


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