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Bulgaria- Varna Archaeology Field School 2018


The Byzantine Cold Case File project is an excellent opportunity for students to gain a scientific glimpse into Early Christianity through a hands-on archaeological experience within the premises of an impressive monastery complex which emerged as early as the 5th century CE on the Black Sea coast of the Byzantine Empire. The monastery church, a massive building – unusual for Balkan architecture – points to the Eastern origin of the complex’s founders. The building size, the monumental walls, the remarkable mosaic floors, the precious marble decoration, the underground crypt and the set of three reliquaries (marble, silver and golden) hidden inside, reveal one of the most impressive and extraordinary Early Christian monuments in the Balkans. The recent excavations proved that the temple was just the center of a large cloister which is the focus of the current research. The 2018 excavations will be located in the representative colonnaded atrium, where the multi-layer stratigraphy bears record for at least four reconstruction periods and can give a detailed picture of the whole two-century lifespan of the monastery – the dynamic and turbulent 5th and 6th centuries of the Early Byzantine Empire. The site is situated near Varna, ancient Odessos, on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The participants will be accommodated in Varna downtown – a regional administrative center, sea resort and historic town with rich cultural heritage. The program includes excavations, finds processing, various workshops, lectures and presentations by specialists in the field of Early Christian and Late Antiquity art and archaeology, as well as trips to heritage sites along the western Black Sea Coast and Bulgaria.

·         Course Dates: July 23-August 20, 2018

·         Enrollment Status: OPEN

·         Total Cost: $4,430

·         Course Type: Field Archaeology

·         Instructors: Dr. Vassil Tenekedjiev, Prof. Alexander Minchev


Students will reside at Cherno More Hotel in downtown Varna in rooms with two to three beds each (bathrooms with shower and WC, TV, air-conditioning and fridge). Laundry service and free Wi-Fi are available at the hotel. Participants are not expected to bring any additional equipment, beddings or towels. Single rooms are available upon request for the supplement of 120 EUR per week. Staying an extra day at the hotel costs 30 EUR (per night per person). The distance from the hotel to the site is app. 8 km/4.5 mi, and it takes app. 15 min drive. Daily shuttle service will bring students to and from the site.


Three meals per day are covered by tuition. Meals usually take place (except the brown-bag lunches during the excursions) at a local restaurant. This field school can accommodate vegetarians and individuals with lactose intolerance diet. Vegans and people with kosher and gluten-free diets may not be accommodated at this location


ACADEMIC CREDIT UNITS & TRANSCRIPTS Credit Units: Attending students will be awarded 8 semester credit units (equivalent to 12 quarter credit units) through our academic partner, Connecticut College. Connecticut College is a private, highly ranked liberal arts institution with a deep commitment to undergraduate education. Students will receive a letter grade for attending this field school (see grading assessment and matrix). This field school provides a minimum of 160 direct instructional hours. Students are encouraged to discuss the transferability of credit units with faculty and registrars at their home institutions prior to attending this field school.


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