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Adelphi University: Archaeological Anthropology in Crete-Greece


This yearly summer project in Eleutherna-Crete, Greece, based on a four field anthropological perspective focuses on the excavation, recovery, and study of the human skeletal remains and funerary customs and practices at the burial ground of Orthi Petra, the lab analysis of the Aposelemis Neolithic burial ground skeletal collection, as well as technical field/lab drawing tutorials in archaeology, and physical anthropology. Further, emphasis is placed in the domain of human ecology and environmental anthropology particularly in the botanical/medicinal use of plants since antiquity and the cultural dynamics of village and city life from mountainous settlements in Rethymnon prefecture in Crete to the city contexts of Rethymnon, Heraklion, and Chania in Crete, and Oia in Santorini island.  The local cuisine is sampled, a variety of museums and archaeological sites from Minoan to post-medieval periods are visited, and cultural events are attended (i.e. art exhibits, musical, dance, and/or theatrical events); for relative information visit and contact Dr. A. Agelarakis (
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