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Forensic Anthropology and Bioarchaeology Fieldschool in Cyprus


Come and learn "your" bones with us! All of our programs can be taken as credits.

*Limited number of places available*

If you are looking for a summer fieldschool, we offer a great learning opportunity abroad at the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. We offer 3 programs which can be taken independently or in combination:

  1. Human Remains Training Certificate
  2. Forensic Anthropology & Archaeological Excavation Fieldschool
  3. Skeletal Pathology & Traumatology Course
If you decide to take all 3 you will spend a little over 6 weeks in sunny Cyprus learning and exploring the island and its amazing culture (discount applies if you choose to take 2 or 3 together).

Odyssey Fieldschool has been running for 5 consecutive years and we initiate educational activities, professional training, and research. Our students achieve graduate school admission and scholarships, participate in conferences around the world, and work with us to complete degree requirements of all levels.

Learn from PhD-level staff with academic background and highly experienced professionals, active in the field of humanitarian Forensic Anthropology/Archaeology, Bioarchaeology, and Commercial Archaeology. All of our supervisors have been trained by us and have been with us at least 3 years!

We learn together and do a lot of other fun stuff together too. The Forensic Anthropology & Archaeological Excavation Fieldschool also includes 2 day-trips around Cyprus!!

To learn more about Odyssey Fieldschool and for more information about our programs, and, to apply visit our website:


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