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2018 Archaeology and Geoarchaeology Field School at the Cooper's Ferry Site, Idaho

The Cooper's Ferry Archaeology Field School, led by Dr. Loren Davis, will be returning to resume excavations at the Cooper's Ferry site in the summer of 2018 from June 25-August 17. The Cooper's Ferry site is located in the beautiful lower Salmon River canyon of western Idaho and contains some of the earliest evidence of humans in the Pacific Northwest.  Join us this coming summer to learn professional archaeological excavation, recordation, and field curation skills as we seek clues about the first peoples of Far Western North America. Students will also get an introduction to landscape and site-level approaches to geoarchaeological study--perspectives that are important in the search for and study of the First Americans. Apply soon to be a part of the 2018 OSU expedition to the Cooper's Ferry site. Current OSU students and non-OSU students are welcome to apply.


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