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Colonial Williamsburg 2018 Field School in Historical Archaeology


The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and The College of William & Mary

2018 Field School in Historical Archaeology (Anthropology 225 / 425)

Session 1: May 29 - June 29
Session 2: July 2 - August 3

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in collaboration with the College of William & Mary will offer two sessions of a five-week (6 credit) course in archaeological field methods to take place in the midst of Colonial Williamsburg's Historic Area.  This year's focus will be on the 18th-century pleasure garden and outbuildings associated with Robert Carter House on Palace Green. Participants will receive intensive hands-on training in archaeological excavation, site recording, artifact identification and public interpretation.

Participants can register for the field school through the College of William & Mary:

For program information, please contact Mark Kostro at


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