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JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Senior Recovery Expert (Part-time, overseas)


Odyssey Anthro Group is seeking qualified archaeologists on a part-time basis to augment United States Department of Defense efforts to account for all of America’s fallen service members across the world.


·     Applicants must be US citizens and meet the following requirements:


-      Have a valid US passport for travel and visa applications 


-      Hold a Master’s or PhD in Anthropology or a related field


-      Pass a background check


-      Have experience executing Phase III terrestrial archaeological recovery 


-      Have experience planning, directing, and supervising Phase III terrestrial archaeological recovery


-      Human remains recovery experience (preferred)


-      International work experience (preferred)


-      Must be able to hike long distances with a 35-lb pack


·     Overseas operations range between 45 and 65 days. Camping in harsh and remote environments is likely. 


·     Competitive pay. Email for more information.


·     Applicants must send and a detailed CV (PDF only) emphasizing the above requirements to: jobs@odysseyanthro.comPlease include three references. 


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