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Outreach-Forest Service Archaeologist GS-9


Opportunity Type:Permanent Appointment4 Definition
Organizational Unit:11-05-09-0000-00-00-00-00
Pacific Southwest Region, Region 5; Modoc National Forest
Series:0193 - ARCHEOLOGIST
Duty Location:Alturas, CA

Primary Contact:Gregory D Moon
Contact Phone:5302332212
Contact Email:gmoon AT

Date Posted:05/31/2018
Post Notice Through:06/15/2018
Bargaining Unit?Yes
Fire Position?No
Position Type:Permanent
Number of Vacancies:1
Announcement Type:Single Vacancy
Attachments:2018 Modoc Archaeology GS 9 outreach.pdf

For any questions regarding the above position, please contact, Greg Moon, Modoc National Forest, 225 West 8th Street, Alturas, CA 96101. Telephone # 530-233-8830, email: gmoon AT

The Modoc National Forest (MDF) will soon be advertising for an Archaeologist position located at the Supervisor’s Office in Alturas, California. This position offers a challenging career opportunity for an individual seeking experience on an archaeologically complex forest. The forest has a range of cultural resources that include numerous llithic sites, rock stack complexes, village sites, obsidian sources and quarries, Rock Art sites, NHT emigrant trails, Modoc War Sites, homesteads, logging railroads, Basque Aspen Art sites, ranching and sheepherding sites, and traditional cultural places representing human occupation from the Paleo-Indian period to the Present. Currently, over 10,000 archaeological sites have been identified.  The MDF consults with six tribal governments.


The heritage program has a 3-person Ph.D. and Masters level heritage program based at the SO—Heritage Program Manager/Forest archaeologist, an archaeologist/data steward, and the vacant position of archaeologist for 106 compliance.

Provides advice on management of the Heritage and Cultural Resources Program, including development of immediate objectives, integration with resource activities, and establishment of priorities.

Assists in ensuring Forest-wide integration of heritage and cultural resource activities and establishing priorities. The Heritage and Cultural Resource Program covers one or more resource areas, such as the protection of historic and pre-historic properties, artifacts, archives, and traditional cultural properties.

Coordinates the budget and project plan of work for the archaeological and cultural activities within the Forest.

Designs inventory strategies as part of the land use planning process based on Forest-wide priorities and needs.

Organizes, supervises, or directly performs inventory of areas. Work includes preparation of maps, inventories, reports, and records related to the discovery, protection, inventory, salvage, and interpretation of heritage and cultural resource areas.

Reviews prior reports as part of project planning to evaluate the quality of the inventory, the completeness of the report, and the significance of heritage or cultural sites found. Prepares determinations of effect for properties identified during project inventories.  Recommends mitigation procedures.

Provides heritage and cultural resource management orientation to Forest Service personnel on statutes, regulations and purpose of work to be performed.

Interprets heritage and cultural resources to the public and professional contacts through presentations at visitor facilities, professional journals, etc.

Develops contract specifications for heritage and cultural resource work and as delegated, acts as COR or inspector on such contracts.

Assists in developing and carrying out projects related to stewardship enhancement and public interpretation of heritage and cultural resources, such as partnership agreements and site steward programs, professional conferences, visitor facilities.

Helps ensure program data for documentation submission including contracts, National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) eligibility criteria, legal documents to fulfill programmatic requirements, and internal reports.

Assists in fire planning and response as archaeology/cultural advisor or READ/REAF and BAER.  


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